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Les Femmes et la Ville : histoire des femmes à Marseille des origines à nos jours

Les Femmes et Marseille

Association « Les Femmes et la Ville »

The Association les Femmes et la Ville was founded to carry out and publish research on the history of women in Marseilles, the oldest city in France.

To achieve this objective, the AFV historians have published their research and organised debates, symposia and exhibitions for the public on this theme throughout the last twenty years. This work has been recognized through the award of prizes by local authorities and is supported by other associations working in the fields of women’s interests, culture and social affairs.

The AFV’s most important publication is Marseillaises, vingt-six siècles d'Histoire, a biographical dictionary of women. The first dictionary dedicated to women from a single city, it contains 320 entries on female workers and craftswomen, patronesses, inventors, artists, nuns, members of the Resistance, members of parliament and local authorities, amongst many others. Each and every one of them played a role in the many events, great and small, that have marked the City’s history.

The AFV participates regularly in cultural events held in Marseilles each year, including Lire en Fête (Marseilles’ Book Fair), the Carré des Ecrivains (a public event for local authors) and its members are invited to speak at national and international events relating to the history of women.

Association Les Femmes et la Ville
Cité des Associations - Boîte n° 124 - 93, La Canebière - 13001 Marseille FRANCE

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