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Les Femmes et la Ville : histoire des femmes à Marseille des origines à nos jours

Les Femmes et Marseille

Marseillaises, 26 Centuries of History

Marseillaises, vingt-six siècles d'Histoire

Even in the days of Gyptis and Protis the city's founders, the saying « one person in two is a woman » holds true for Marseilles as for every other city. But apart from a few famous - or infamous - exceptions, History has retained only a few examples of the truth of this saying. In order to recall these forgotten figures of our History, the first Dictionary of Marseilles Women is a homage to all those - businesswomen and heroines, writers, actresses, soldiers, mythological or revolutionary figures, artists, admirable churchwomen or redoubtable poisoners, - who have marked Marseilles' chequered history.

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